I was able to successfully deliver the accumulated books to Govt Middle School in Shaka, Leh. They were happy to see our effort and we were happy to that they appreciated and used the books.

The Original Idea:

I have been planning to ride to the some of the remotest villages in himalayas, next year and after meeting StrikingViking i wanted give my ride more than just the reason of my personal happiness. I wanted it to be for a cause and after hours of thinking, a kid showed me the way. I wish I had my camera when I saw this kid full of excitement and joy while he was trying to read a bike's advertisement of a roadside. After that what happened in my mind was a ripple effect.

The idea :
A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. And my idea is to donate picture books, comic books, educational material, Old bike magazine, DVDs, CDs to schools in some of the remotest parts of India. Some of those parts are cut from rest of the country for months and have to depend on their own.

How does it work :
I would collect books and stuff and ride out from New Delhi to Ladakh in Kashmir Region of India. There i would visit schools and give them the stuff collected.

What do i have to do :
If watching a kid discover a world, he hasnt seen before seems like a good idea to you, then send me your old books and other stuff your think appropriate for little kids.

Is there money involved :
No, this is not a money making project. You send me old stuff, i give it to them. My fuel, accomodation, food and other personal expenses of the trip are mine and none of your worries.

Whats the guaratee my stuff reaches them :
I want you to come along and make sure it does therwise I would make a list of stuff i have received so far and keep posting pictures. Will also, click a thousand pictures of me giving them the stuff. :)

Can i Join :
There can be nothing better if you come along. I would get a chance to show you my country. Though I can guaratee that this is not going to be your usual ride-eat-beer-sleep-repeat trip :)

What do you get out of it :
An awesome ride report and more stories to tell.

Whats in it for me if i join :
Long flight, jet lag, spicy food, long winding roads, untouched scenery, diarrhea. Total Happiness.

I still dont like the idea :
I thank you for your time and appreciate your honest opinion. If you even come to india, give me a call.

Who are your promoting :
Im promoting you sir and im promoting everyone who is part of ADV.

So whats the address :
Send the stuff to my home
Chanderjeet Rai
E-135, Ashok Vihar, Phase - 1
New Delhi - 110052
Phone: 981-101-9273

A very close friend of mine says "I would love to lighten up other people's lives and then glow in their light". That's what i want to do. I know that those kids haven't seen many a things that we have. Giving them an opportunity to see outside world will make them happy and that's the entire point of the trip.

Please remember that this ride is planned for next year somewhere in the month of June - August. It may be too early to post this idea but i want as many people to participate as possible.